About Duplex

Duplex is helping successful entrepreneurs
(like YOU) to grow their business – since 2011.

Duplex Solutions is a reputed and leading Software Development Company based in India and located in Manjeri, Kerala. We provide customized software for online and offline needs to all who approach us for our services. Among the various software development companies in India; ours offers the best and timely software solutions and services. Our company has an outstanding track record in giving quality web and software solutions, software products and services to its clients and customers.

We at Duplex Solutions provide applications based on various software technologies, giving advanced solutions in software services. Our professionals concentrate on giving quality software products and services on time for all our customers in India and the Middle East. We help with the client's business needs and find quality software solutions and services ideal for their company needs.

Years Experience
Successful Projects
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Vision & Mission

Continual Growth

Create a work atmosphere that can facilitate growth, where each and every employee can better themselves in terms of monetary gain, career, knowledge and skills related to the job.

Work Culture

To provide a conducive work environment to employees that bring out the best in them.Encourage work related innovative inputs and creative ideas from the team members.

We believe in an active environment where the Duplex team gets to interact with each other through games and activities.

Customer Satisfaction

To offer top notch services that create lifelong customers. To offer quick services through our effective communication channels. To extend highly reliable services that guarantee high success rate for businesses.

Contribution To The Society

Through our firm we offer Industrial Training to college students so as to offer them exposure to various niches that exist.

We arrange blood donation camps wherein our employees are encouraged to donate blood and also encourage their friends to be a part of such a noble act.

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